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Before the arrival of man, New Zealand had lived in total isolation for around 80 million years, since its separation from the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. This land mass of modern New Zealand which separated from Gondwana was known as the Rangitata land mass.

The separation period continued, and by 60 million years ago the Tasman Sea, separating Australia from New Zealand, had arrived at its full width. By 26 million years ago, there were two main features which dominated the New Zealand land mass area : the Challenger Rift system off the western coast, and which had begun forming around 60 million years ago, and the plate boundary running along the line of the Alpine Fault and the Hikurangi Trench, off the lower North Island and upper South Island coastal areas.

It was five million years ago that the shape of the two main islands of New Zealand today began to form.

Seven thousand years ago most of New Zealand’s land area was covered by rainforest. The surrounding seas protected New Zealand’s unique fauna and flora from marauding mammals, and because of this there were many species of flightless birds evolving in safety at ground level.

Today much of that stunning beauty remains.

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