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TDM uses analysis and experience to help you measure opportunities and to illuminate your investment decisions. VAPOUR provides small organisations – be they a social enterprise, a charity, small business, NGO or school – with access to the most comprehensive business infrastructure services available to them. This means that VAPOURbiz customers can focus on their core business.
openfort Connect-web
We are creative individuals with very diverse, yet complimentary backgrounds. And we don’t work alone – we have a network of experts we collaborate with and whose skills we can draw on – architects, programmers, teachers, designers, artists and other creatives and professionals who have a passion for originality and meaningful engagement. If we are to grow, prosper and flourish in this ever changing world in which we live in then it is vital that we make the most of all of the resources at our disposal. We need to build capital in all its forms (human, social, environmental, physical and financial) and apply it collectively to create a better place to live, learn, work and play. A place that encourages and enables everyone to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to our place, to realise their potential throughout their lives is crucial for our future wellbeing and prosperity.
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Wellington Community Trust is an independent funder making donations to community organisations in the Wellington region – Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti (including Otaki). The facts and figures do not give an accurate picture of  Avalon School. We accept every child who walks in the door regardless of their background or history.
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Hi I am Christopher and my nickname is the “Ferret”. I am an average teenage boy who has dyslexia, is starting his own tee shirt business and who wants to donate some money to SPELD. I am a sporty, gaming kind of guy. My favourite sports are football, golf and best of all tenpin bowling where my best score is 204. My favorite games include Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and Five Nights at Freddys. My favourite food is lasagne, yummy. I really enjoy cross stitch and knitting. I learnt to knit watching my mother, and started off with peggy squares. I remember my Oma (Grandmother) came to visit us in New Zealand from Holland when I was in my early teens and she helped me knit more peggy squares that we sewed together into a big blanket. When I first went flatting that blanket was my bedspread. My first ever garment was a jersey that I finished just before I went on my O.E. when I was 20.

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